Banff the Beautiful

If you are ever so lucky as to visit Banff National Park, don’t expect to go anywhere fast. Every half mile you will be overwhelmed by the knowledge that you absolutely. must. stop. You’ll take several hundred pictures in the space of one afternoon.


On the shores of some icy, crystal lake you may cry tears of joy at the eye-ball burning beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Like me, you may be inspired to do some yoga on the lake shore.


One thing is certain: you will need to take some time to do nothing but sit and stare in wonder.




  1. bumsly owl

    What a transporting post!; Katahdin to Banff with a year and a half in-between. Seeing all these new pics and words, and what they represent, along with reviewing some of the old ones,, just bursts my seams.
    though in my armchair tonight, I can’t help but hear in my heart’s ear the old refrain from “The time to remember”, written and sung by Billy Joel.
    I’ve so loved our hiking interludes.. sharing so many contents of miles and smiles and skies. Even though most are experienced separately, part of you is within me all the while as I ramble still in bits and pieces the appalachians, and with your pictures and words you take a part of me with you as you roam the wide world, sharing its eye-glistening unbelievable beauty and love. Tis a wonder and a gift you are to me

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