Georgia Bound!

The miles between Ohio and Georgia are disappearing under our wheels.

We were up late last night going through our packs zombie-like, making sure we had enough and not too much of all our necessities. I went a little cross-eyed by the end; contrary to people writing posts in detailed lists of each item they’re taking, I’m no longer sure what all is in my pack.

What an exciting treat it will be to open a zipper and find clean socks or some forgotten candy bar!

But in all seriousness, we’ve crossed almost everything off our list, emptied almost our entire apartment, and bid almost every one goodbye (sorry, Yibby!).

Yesterday, as I rumbled down the highway to the auto shredders in my smoking car I was a little giddy from the relief of tying up so many loose ends, and the excitement of untying some new ones.

A lot of emotional weight has been riding on all of these simultaneous endings and beginnings, but the endings are disappearing in the rear view mirror and the beginning of the trail is approaching with sudden, out-of-breath, muscle aching joy.

Is there such a thing?

We’re about to find out!


  1. Rosy

    Hey! It worked!!! I’m already feeling a little bereft and you haven’t been gone twenty-four hours! I wish much joy in your life as you hike!!

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