The Itchiness of Being Home

It’s been three and half weeks now since we returned to Ohio. It’s not strange to be home, it really is just perfectly normal, and the strange thing is remembering that we were ever gone. It’s surreal to be working, playing and seeing family just like normal but still have vivid memories of waking up every morning to trees and breezes and squirrel shenanigans in the forest outside of our tent.

The first week we were home was a whirlwind. By the end of it we had moved back into our apartment, purchased a car, visited a lot of friends, talked to many people about our trip and slept in a lot. After that everything started to settle into an new, old normal.

I’m working a lot right now, catching up on reading, thinking about all of the projects I’d like to do this winter…

It’s good, and I love the changing of the seasons and the coziness of home, but every day I think of the mountains, listening for a new adventure calling.

Remembering our first foggy morning in the White Mountains.


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